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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important aspect of building your website. Upon building your new website, we will code your pages with keywords, and properly tag your website, so the search engines can find your website.

SEO is an important component to your website that often gets overlooked. Without good SEO, your website may not get ranked or show up in the major search engines such as Google,, Yahoo, and others. As part of our SEO service, we submit your website to the major search engines manually. We do not use engine submission programs, except in unusual circumstances.

Initial SEO website submission is included in your website design plan when we build your website. Sometimes it does take serveral weeks for the search engines to pick your site up (which is not usually the case, but we have to tell you that), but once it does, our goal is to have you rank as high as possible.

We also offer additional SEO services, which include monthly monitoring of your traffic stats, page visits, and etc.. If you already have a website, we can update your website, and include the proper coding to improve your current ranking in the search engines.

Please beware of "others" trying to sell you a website or SEO services, where they tell you they can make you website rank number one in a search engine. The truth is no one can guarantee that you will rank number one, unless of course, its your direct domain name being typed in.

Otherwise, all one can do is continuously monitor your site and attempt to get you as high as possible, unless you are paying for a sponsored ad with the search engine company. Ranking can be significantly improved by having the proper keywords, coding and tagging of title pages, such that it is possible for you to rank in the top ten. This mainly depends on the search terms being used when one searches for you in the search engine.

Thank you for visiting us. FordWebConsulting is always available to assist you with your website questions or issues.  Your input into your website is critical not only to having the website you desire, but to making a website that is user-friendly, compliment your business, and one that all will enjoy.

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Whether you need a new website or need your current website updated, FordWebConsulting can get the job done. No website is too big or too small. 

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